Olympic Natural Resources Center

Facility Use Policy

Use of Olympic Natural Resources Center facilities for research, education, and community service are encouraged. Facility use is discouraged if comparable, suitable facilities are available commercially within the community.

All ONRC facility use will be consistent with the University of Washington Policy and when appropriate, authorization will be documented by the use of the University of Washington Request for Use of University Facilities form.

  • Community or private functions, such as receptions, are permitted when an employee of ONRC is present and assumes responsibility for safety and security.
  • Research and educational activities have priority over other uses.
  • Use is prohibited when the primary purpose is for “motel” services not associated with author zed University activities.
  • Use is prohibited when the primary purpose is selling of products or services to the public.
  • With the exceptions of normal ONRC administrative functions, all facility use is subject to cost recovery through fees established by ONRC.

Olympic Natural Resources Center reserves the right to refuse the use of the facilities when inconsistent with this policy or when use is deemed inappropriate for University of Washington facilities.

Questions regarding the application of this policy to specific requests or the consideration of exceptions to this policy are the purview of the Director, or in his absence, the Administrator.