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Welcome to the Olympic Natural Resources Center

UW News: Just released as of February 22, 2017: Large-scale experiment on the rural Olympic Peninsula to test innovations in forest management

Read tne news release here!

ONRC News Flash:   Proposal for a Watershed-level Experiment Released and Grant to the US Endowment for Forests and Communities Submitted

The ONRC has helped develop a landscape-scale forest management experiment planned for the Olympic Experimental State Forest. The study will take place on State trust lands managed by the Washington Department of Natural Resources in western Jefferson County along the outer WA coast.  It will develop, implement and compare a range of sustainable-ecosystem management strategies using a scientific design, and then to apply what is learned to inform management policies on WA DNR and other public forest lands.  The study plan is scheduled to be completed this spring and will include 16 small, fish-bearing watersheds ranging in size from 750 to 3500 acres.  The total area involved is about 24,000 acres.  Three management strategies and a no-action control will be compared including one similar to the U.S. Forest Service’s zoned conservation strategy, one represented by the current DNR land management plan (integrated management), and one that is more aggressive (higher risk and return) than the DNR plan in implementing an un-zoned approach. 

The proposal was discussed with key stakeholders including environmental groups, state trust land beneficiaries, and timber industry representatives.

DNR intends to implement the management treatments as part of their timber sale program. UW will contribute goal definition, learning leadership and educational opportunities. Project managers are also seeking outside funding through grants and partnerships.

Read the entire study proposal released to key stakeholders.

The ONRC has also applied for a U.S. Endowment for Forests and Communities watershed grant.

The proposal includes 10 references that can be downloaded here

The OESF Habitat Status Story Map is now up on WaDNR's OESF webpage!

From The Director

The University of Washington's Olympic Natural Resources Center located on the Olympic Peninsula in Forks, Washington provides scientific information and services to address critical issues relating to forestry and aquatic resources. It serves as a catalyst for interdisciplinary and collaborative work, bringing expertise from forestry, ocean, and fishery sciences together with local commercial interests for the benefit of the rural and urban communities on Washigton's outer coast. By integrating research with education and outreach, it unites researchers, students, professionals, local stakeholders, and the public.

I welcome you to browse our website and learn about our resources and activities.

Bernard Bormann
Center Director









Read the latest posts from Geocachers at the Forks Geocache web page. The cache contains items from Geocachers from around the world, ONRC, the City of Forks, and other Forks community members. It is located along a small 2-mile long trail system, in a western hemlock forested area, less than 1/2 mile south of downtown Forks.