Olympic Natural Resources Center

The University of Washington Olympic Natural Resources Center located on the Olympic Peninsula in Forks, Washington, provides scientific information to address critical issues and solve problems concerning forestry and marine sciences in the region.

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ONRC in the News

ONRC Marine Research Technologist Anthony Odell was quoted in a KOMO news story on August 4, "Toxic algae blooming in warm water from California to Alaska." Odell is part of a NOAA-led team surveying the harmful algae bloom, which was first detected in May.

Marine-Based Economic Resources on the Washington Coast

The Washington Working Coast project is an economic assessment of marine-based resources on the Washington Coast, including Clallam, Jefferson, Grays Harbor, Pacific and Wahkiakum Counties. A group of University of Washington graduate students pursuing the Environmental Management Certificate from the Program on the Environment are taking the lead on this project. Read more.

Anadromous Fish Habitat Intrinsic Potential Modeling

2015 Habitat Intrinsic Potential Maps Now Complete!

As a continuation of our previous IP modeling efforts with Wild Salmon Center (WSC) in 2012-2013, ONRC has partnered with Washington Coast Sustainable Salmon Partnership (WCSSP) to implement Intrinsic Potential (IP) modeling of Chinook, Coho and Steelhead along the entire Outer Coast of Washington State (OWC), and has now added WRIA 19 along the north coast of the Olympic Peninsula to our efforts as Washington State Department of Natural Resources (WaDNR) has joined the effort.

New Habitat Intrinsic Potential maps for Chinook, Coho and Steelhead are now available for all of the following WRIAs. All of the projects, products and documentation for the ongoing salmonid IP modeling project can be accessed by going to the Anadromous Fish Habitat Intrinsic Potential Modeling Portal.

To improve our product, we have revised all 1,428 maps to reflect a new style, which incorporates aerial photography in the base map data and is cleaner and clearer.

TerrainWorks, the architects of NetMap, the software we have been using the last four years, has issued this advisory relating to an overestimate of high IP scores and a resultant underestimate of medium IP scores. As a result, we have taken down all maps related to previous efforts; however, we retaining the documentation, which remains very useful.

Many Thanks!

To Mindi Sheer at Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA, for her invaluable contributions to this effort! She has since moved on to work in the Carolinas, and we wish her well!

ONRC Geocache

Read the latest posts from Geocachers at the Forks Geocache web page. The cache contains items from Geocachers from around the world, ONRC, the City of Forks, and other Forks community members. It is located along a small 2-mile long trail system, in a western hemlock forested area, less than 1/2 mile south of downtown Forks.