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Welcome to the Olympic Natural Resources Center

The OESF T3 Experiment Collaborative Workspace is now hosting Final Review Maps

The Study Plan is now in the process of being finalized. A link will be provided soon for access and discussion of the latest version.

A set of 20 Final Review Maps, four of the Supplemental Small Scale Study Areas located in four linear drainages and sixteen T3 Watersheds maps are now available online on the Collaborative Workspace.

Long Term Ecosystem Productivity Project: Sappho, WA Framework GIS and Field Data Integration

The Washington Department of Natural Resources and the University of Washington | Olympic Natural Resources Center's Forest Research division has collaborated to bring this project, started in the late 1990s, into the 21st century. The process of generating GIS-accessable framework (geodetic and administrative) data and integrating data collected in the field to enable GIS based analysis, maps, and other products has matured.

The maps and data available at the new SapphoGIS Collaborative Workspace are designed to be used in the field by personnel involved in this effort, streamlinning data collection and integration in future years. Unlike other mapping pojects we've undertaken, the maps here are borderless layered georeferenced PDFs to enable display on GPS capable devices in addition to in-office desktop capabilities.

The T3-OESF Collaborative Workspace is now hosting a discussion webpage

This discussion webpage is intended to facilitate discussions between participants and stakeholders. To view the discussion, go here. Please note caveats posted on the discusseion webpage.

To participate in discussions, indicate the discussion listed there and cc me at kbenet@uw.edu.

Announcing The Learning Forest Newsletter Inaugural Issue

Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to announce the inaugural issue of the newsletter The Learning Forest.  

This publication is a collaborative effort between the Olympic Experimental State Forest (OESF) Research and Monitoring Program at Washington Department of Natural Resources and the University of Washington Olympic Natural Resources Center (ONRC). Through this newsletter, we will share scientific advancements and innovations in managing lands for multiple objectives such as habitat conservation, timber harvest, recreation, long-term productivity, and resilience. Although the geographic focus is the OESF, featured topics will be relevant to land management questions across the Olympic Peninsula, Washington state, and beyond.

The newsletter will be published electronically twice a year and will be distributed via email as an attachment and  posted on DNR’s OESF and ONRC websites. The first issue is attached to this email and is available online here.

If you wish to receive future issues of the newsletter, please subscribe via the following link: http://eepurl.com/cLqmg5 and follow the two-step process of subscription and verification (it take only couple minutes).

The newsletter editorial board would appreciate your feedback on this new publication. Please email comments and questions to the OESF Research and Monitoring Manager, Teodora Minkova at Teodora.Minkova@dnr.wa.gov, the ONRC Director, Bernard Bormann at bormann@uw.edu, or the newsletter editor, Cathy Chauvin at Cathy.Chauvin@dnr.wa.gov.

Best Regards,

Teodora Minkova, Ph.D.
Research and Monitoring Manager for Olympic Experimental State Forest


From The Director

The University of Washington's Olympic Natural Resources Center located on the Olympic Peninsula in Forks, Washington provides scientific information and services to address critical issues relating to forestry and aquatic resources. It serves as a catalyst for interdisciplinary and collaborative work, bringing expertise from forestry, ocean, and fishery sciences together with local commercial interests for the benefit of the rural and urban communities on Washigton's outer coast. By integrating research with education and outreach, it unites researchers, students, professionals, local stakeholders, and the public.

I welcome you to browse our website and learn about our resources and activities.

Bernard Bormann
Center Director









Read the latest posts from Geocachers at the Forks Geocache web page. The cache contains items from Geocachers from around the world, ONRC, the City of Forks, and other Forks community members. It is located along a small 2-mile long trail system, in a western hemlock forested area, less than 1/2 mile south of downtown Forks.