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Houses NSDI, NBII, and ONRC Themes with metadata and data, if online, for the Olympic Peninsula.

Major Themes

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Air,Climate, and Meteorology
Houses both long-term and current atmospheric information including precipitation, precipitation chemistry, humidity, and temperatures on the Olympic Peninsula.

Demography, Census and Culture
Houses US Census data, historical and current cultural information, and anything related to people and their cultural activities on the Olympic Peninsula.

Ecosystems and Habitats
Houses ecosystem and habitat information, including estuarine, freshwater, intertidal, marine, terrestrial and any other special types on the Olympic Peninsula.

Ecological Concepts and Processes
Houses ecological structures and processes information including biological communities, geochemical and biochemical cycling, ecosystem disturbance, and population dynamics on the Olympic Peninsula.

Elevation and Bathymetry
Houses elevation and bathymetric information including elevation models, contours, aspect and slope data, and shorelines on the Olympic Peninsula.

Geodetic Control
Houses survey control data including Public Lands Survey System, GPS points, US Geodetic Survey Stations, and anything related to ground control on the Olympic Peninsula.

Geology and Soils

Governmental / Administrative Units
Houses administrative information including cadastre, cities and places, county and other local districts, management plans, natural areas, ownership, and jurisdictional designations.


Infrastructure and Manmade Features
Houses transportation, utilities, landuse-landcover, recreation, fish hatcheries, and other manmade features.

Houses orthoimagery (or georeferenced imagery) information including Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles, Digital Raster Graphics, and satellite imagery and derived products, and / or anything that can serve as imagery or background raster grids for the Olympic Peninsula.

Species and Organisms
Houses information on marine and terrestrial algae, animals, fungi, and plants inhabiting the Olympic Peninsula including species-specific habitat data. Cultured species and organisms will also be found here.

Software, Tools, and Models,


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