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ONRC selected as site for Worldwide Lightning Location Network (WWLL)

Dr. Robert Holzworth, researcher in the UW Department of Earth and Space Sciences and the Physics director of the WWLL Network, won a grant from the European Commission to participate in an international collaboration called PLASMON. PLASMON is an experiment to "Monitor" the Plasmosphere using radio wave propagation and other means. Dr. Holzworth’s part of the project is to provide a quiet location for the reception of VLF (very low frequency) radio waves (300Hz to 30 kHz) and to install a tall antenna (80 to 100 feet tall mast, with triangular magnetic loops), and to collect the data, process it locally, and send the data in real time to team members over the internet.

ONRC was selected because of its quiet location, away from a large population center (lower noise environment), its appropriate antenna space already belonging to the UW, Internet access and power already in place at the antenna, and on-site personnel for occasional assistance and troubleshooting.

His work was featured on October 30, 2011, in the Alaska Daily News.