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Criteria of Priorities for Selection

To select sound strategic priorities, ONRC reviewed the status and utilization of the full range of forest and marine resources. In evaluating each resource or use, ONRC developed a picture of the spectrum of major management challenges affecting forest and marine systems. It then identified potential contributions to be made through research or educational activities. Facing a formidable array of pressing information needs and management concerns, ONRC developed a series of criteria to guide selection of strategic priorities. These criteria were then applied to the research and education opportunities identified. Out of this process emerged a set of general program priorities.

In keeping with the legislative intent and the overall mission of ONRC, the following criteria were proposed:

  1. Stress issues that are overlooked or under-served by other institutions and in regard to which ONRC can make a noticeable and positive difference

  2. Emphasize real problem solving, balancing economic and ecological concerns

  3. Focus on the most pressing problems threatening the socio-economic and political stability of communities

  4. Stress issues of ecological importance at the landscape or watershed scale

  5. Integrate terrestrial and marine issues

  6. Stress issues that are related to commodity production (including terrestrial, aquatic, and marine commodities)

  7. Build trust and reduce conflict

  8. Blend achievable near-term goals and long-term commitments