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What Is GIS?

GIS is an acronym for Geographic Information Systems. GIS is now a maturing technology that blends maps and databases together. This is accomplished by linking features on digital maps (often called "themes" or "layers") of similar types to records in a database.

GIS has become so ubiquitous most times people don't even realize they're using it: When someone uses Google Maps, MapQuest, or is just idly looking at the "I am here" display on his or her cell phone, they are looking at the end product of a "dedicated" or single-purpose GIS in action.

Why use GIS?

Deeper down, the technology can inform a vast variety of tasks such as municipal planning, resource planning, and biotic modeling. GIS has found its way into climate and other earth sciences, and is even used to map and analyze the composition of the surfaces of other planets.

A Geographic Information System's ability to enable and enhance these activities is due to the fact that they possess a suite of spatial tools: queries and overlays, logical operations, and even spatial algebraic functions. These tools, along with a suite of database tools, is what makes GIS such a useful medium for implementing these types of tasks.

What Does ONRC GIS Do?

ONRC GIS works with our academic partners at the University of Washington's College of the Environment in Forestry and Marine sciences as well as contribute to the Outer Washington Coast community as a whole.

ONRC GIS develops products and provides services in four areas:

We have worked with many Outer Washington Coast clients over the years: Federal and state agencies, municipal governments, the Native American Nations, local businesses, non-governmental organizations, environmental concerns, individuals, as well as provide assistance in research.

ONRC GIS Support on the Outer Washington Coast

ONRC GIS has more than 15 years of experience in providing GIS services up and down the Outer Washington Coast. Our multifaceted capabilities run the entire range of GIS services, from cadastral to municipal planning to significant involvement in one of the largest successful environmental restoration projects in the world.

Our Current Projects

ForksGIS is a new online map server for the City of Forks allowing residents and stakeholders to access the latest in GIS related products. Improved speed of loading and greater flexibility of queries greatly enhance its usefulness over past versions.

This project is directed toward modeling Habitat Intrinsic Potential across WRIAs 20 to 24 for five species of anadromous fish: Chinook, Chum, Coho, Sockeye and Steelhead under the auspices and funding of the Washington Coast Sustainable Salmon Partnership. It builds upon the project just completed in five selected rivers in collaboration with, and funded by, the Wild Salmon Center.

We have completed a wide variety of projects in the past on behalf of our clients. These include:

ONRC GIS Education In Action: Interns at ONRC

ONRC GIS has built strong roots in the local community, providing educational opportunities that have been used as a springboard to greater advancement. We at ONRC GIS thank them all!

Here is a list of some of the interns and the projects they've worked on in the past: