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Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS) Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)


Please note that hydrographic multibeam data acquired between 46 N latitude and the Canadian border, and between the 50m depth contour and the Exclusive Economic Zone boundary are classified SECRET under the NOAA 1-89 security classification guide. A NOAA/NAVY Joint High Resolution Bathymetry (HRB) board will review applications for unclassified NOAA HRB data acquisition and release in this submarine security zone on a case-by-case basis. Some data for this area have been cleared for unrestricted release. This process may cause delays in the release of some of these data.


These data are products derived from OCNMS SoNAR data and are orgainized by survey. Not all surveys are represented. See the SoNAR page for more details. Please recognize OCNMS as the source of this information as specified in their metadata.

OCNMS Raster DTMs HMPR-110-2002-04

OCNMS Raster DTMs HMPR-113-2004-01

OCNMS Raster DTMs HMPR-114-2004-02

OCNMS Raster DTMs HMPR-115-2004-03

OCNMS Raster DTMs HMPR-116-2005-01

OCNMS Raster DTMs HMPR-118-2005-03

OCNMS Raster DTMs HMPR-119-2006-01


These data are derived from the OCNMS LiDAR data. See the LiDAR page for more details.

OCNMS Raster DTMs HMPR-117-2005-02


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlive

Washington Batheymetry Mosaic. These data are not available directly at this (the MDAI) site. This version is dates from 1999.

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This data may have been updates, but regardless, these data were later subsumed into the WA-OR Framework Project.


University of Washington / Olympic Natural Resources Center

UW / ONRC Seamless Bathymetry/Elevation Model for Willapa Bay


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