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Guidelines and Structure

Our Data Provision Policy

It is our intent to serve publicly only data that we have created ourselves as a value-added product, or, data from data providers that ask us to serve their data directly.

We will not directly serve anyone elseís data unless we have communicated with them and have been given approval.

We will credit or cite the source of any data providerís web content or data posted.

If possible, the providerís metadata and an extent shapefile along with some useful information will be provided whenever possible.

We will respect any limitations and restrictions that data providers wish us to observe.

Data Access Design

At some point in the near future, we will switch to a map server format.Whatever design we use, our intent is to make ease of access and determination of suitability the foremost criteria for any future (or current!) design.So PLEASE, if you have ideas that will better serve this aim, contact me at the email address at the bottom of this page.


Currently, data listings and holdings will be organized by:


Data By Type



These data may be raw LiDAR data or finished products derived from LiDAR data.Some nearshore/estuarine bathymetry may be found here.


Citable scientific documents, white papers, books, and technical papers as well as outreach products available at various organizationsí and vendersí websites


††††††††† Terrain Models

††††††††††† These may be any type of data, either raw, or finished products, that simulate a surface topology such as Bathymetry, DEMs, DTMs, etc, using height-related values.

††††††††† Surfacesundercon

These may be any type of data, raw, or finished products, that simulate a surface using non-height-related values such as Slope and Aspect grid data. Will not include hazard data


These data may be raw SoNAR data or finished products derived from SoNAR data.Side scan SoNAR and multibeam SoNAR data will be found here. Bathymetry products may be found here.


††††††††† Administrativeundercon

††††††††††† Administrative boundaries within coastal HUCs and WRIAs as well as Marine administrative boundaries.


††††††††††† Contour and other vector height data.

††††††††† Terrain Morphology

††††††††††† Geologic data, ocean bottom morphology, polygonized slope or aspects, other similar data.


††††††††††† Polygonsized terrains or surfaces related to biotic taxa.

††††††††† Isoline Dataundercon

††††††††††† Temperature gradients etc, excluding countours.

††††††††† Hydrography

††††††††††† Only coastal drainage data will be included.


Questions? Comments?

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