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A number of large and costly oceanographic research projects have been carried out along Washington’s coast with federal and state funding. Few managers and even fewer members of the public are aware of this work and the valuable information generated by multidisciplinary research. In most cases, research agencies have not made the results available to coastal communities or the public. ONRC was created to help bridge the gap between the research community, managers and the public. 


The interest in better access to existing information is widespread along the coast. For example, technical staff of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission recently requested ONRC’s assistance is gaining access to data collected by the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. Oyster growers and other stakeholders in Grays Harbor have asked for help in developing an assessment of estuarine conditions similar to the one completed by ONRC of Willapa Bay.  Residents of the Ozette area concerned about the decline of sockeye runs have requested assistance in evaluating the potential causal factors. Longtime residents of the Long Beach Peninsula have questioned manager’s understanding of razor clam population dynamics and the fundamental approach to management of those stocks. A great deal of taxpayer money has been invested in oceanographic and coastal research. The communities that depend on these resources should have been access to the latest information generated by research projects.



ONRC would compile information about research on the coast, improve the availability of datasets, generate maps of greatest utility to coastal communities, and organize outreach events to transfer the results of recent ocean research to the public.


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