Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS)


Benthic Habitat Mapping in the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary: Steven S. Intelmann, and G.R. Cochrane (2006)

Habitat Mapping Effort at the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary Current Status and Future Needs: Steven S. Intelmann (2006)


Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS)


These are a mixture of side scan and multibeam sonar sourced mosaics from the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS). Most are concentrated around Neah Bay and immediate vicinity northeast along the Straight and southwest along the Pacific coast and offshore to about 200 km. See the OCNMS publications above.


Latest coverage status: OCNMS SoNAR Coverage Status: December, 2007 Status


Estremely detailed OCNMS publications for each of these SoNAR surveys will also be found in the data links below. Please recognize OCNMS as the source of this information as specified in their metadata.

OCNMS SoNAR Mosaic HMPR-108-2002-01

OCNMS SoNAR Mosaic HMPR-110-2002-04

OCNMS SoNAR Mosaic HMPR-111-2002-05

OCNMS SoNAR Mosaic HMPR-113-2004-01

OCNMS SoNAR Mosaic HMPR-114-2004-02

OCNMS SoNAR Mosaic HMPR-115-2004-03

OCNMS SoNAR Mosaic HMPR-116-2005-01

OCNMS SoNAR Mosaic HMPR-118-2005-03

OCNMS SoNAR Mosaic HMPR-119-2006-01

OCNMS SoNAR Mosaic HMPR-120-2006-02

OCNMS SoNAR Mosaic HMPR-121-2007-01

OCNMS SoNAR Mosaic HMPR-122-2007-02


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