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City Of Forks Mapping and GIS Portal

Welcome to the new location for City of Forks mapping and GIS websites

With more than 20 years of working with the City of Forks, various webpages hosting COF products and services have become scattered across the UW | ONRC website. With that in mind, a central location for services and products for the City of Forks provides a convinent platform as the number and variety of projects undertaken has grown significantly. So here it is!

Services and Products for the City of Forks:

This is an ArcIMS server providing public and private browsing of various GIS layers including shuttle and bus stops. At this time, it has not been updated since 2012. In the near future, new data will be updated or added.

The City of Forks Online Map Cabinet provides a wide variety of static PDF maps are provided for viewing or download. There are three major kinds of UGA-wide maps provided: poster, 12 tile standard resolution maps (approximately 1:3600 scale), and 25 tile high resolution maps (1:2400) to facility critical administrative level use.

These PDF format maps address various aspects of Shoreline Management Act planning and implementation. These maps have not been updated since 2012. In the near future, these maps will be updated.

This portal contains a listing of all available archived projects and associated maps. This portal is currently under construction.