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High resolution map cabinet (1:2400)

This map cabinet currently contains:


Standard resolution map cabinet

Forks UGA Tile Reference Map Map Tile A2 Map Tile A3 Map Tile A4 Map Tile B1 Map Tile B2 Map Tile B3 Map Tile B4 Map Tile C1 Map Tile C2 Map Tile C3 Map Tile C4 Map Tile D1 Map Tile D2 Map Tile D3

The City of Forks Shoreline Management Planning Process
Administrative Maps
Tourism Related Visitor Maps
Environmental Maps
Utilities and Infrastructure Maps
High Resolution Tiled Mapsets

For more detailed maps of the Forks UGA at 1:6625 Scale, select any tile. Tiles A1 and D4 are not currently included. See the Forks UGA Reference Map for a detailed overview. Tiled maps have been updated to include Preliminary SMA Jurisdiction delineations.

Administrative Tiled Mapsets
  • Preliminary Jurisdiction with SWS & SHL Contiguous Parcels
  • UGA Landuse Zoning with SWS & SHL Contiguous Parcels
Environmental Tiled Mapsets
  • Earth Process Hazards
  • Surface and Subsurface Hydrology
  • Riparian Corridors with SWS & SHL Contiguous Parcels
Utilities and Infrastructure Tiled Mapsets
  • Public Lands and Facilities
  • Potable Water System
  • Waste Water System
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