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*Type 3 stream watersheds. Linear drainages are included, and are at the same landscape scale.

Study Plan Documents (Version 10/10/2017)

Individual T3 Watershed Maps (Click Label Below)

ONRC and WaDNR collaborators are in the process of finalizing the study area, and 20 drainages have been selected: 4 linear drainges that stand as Supplemental Small Scale Study Areas (S4A's), and 16 T3 Watersheds. The T3 Watershed boundaries have been delineated using best practices hydrologic processing, resulting in much higher resolution boundary delineation. We thank the University of Texas in Austin for the use of their hydrological tools made available online.

The S4A's and the T3's are organized as follows on this map:

The maps are high resolution landscape 22x17 300dpi PDF format. Maps for for the S4A's are at 1:24000 scale and the T3's are at 1:16000 scale.

To access the map associated with an S4A or T3 of interest, click on the label to view or download the map.

Data Sharing and Access to ONRC's Google Drive (UWGD)

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