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WRIA24 - Elkhorn Creek

To view/download the associated map, click on the map name.

Chinook IP Maps

Busch, et al, 2011:

ChinookIPBusch2011_Elkhorn Creek.pdf

WSC | ONRC 2012 Spawning:

ChinookIPWSCONRC2012_Elkhorn Creek.pdf

Coho IP Maps

Burnett, 2007:

CohoIPBurnett2007_Elkhorn Creek.pdf

WSC | ONRC 2012 Summer Rearing:

CohoIPSRWSCONRC2012_Elkhorn Creek.pdf

WSC | ONRC 2012 Winter Rearing:

CohoIPWRWSCONRC2012_Elkhorn Creek.pdf

Steelhead IP Maps

Burnett, 2007:

SteelheadIPBurnett2007_Elkhorn Creek.pdf

WSC | ONRC 2012 Rearing

SteelheadIPRWSCONRC2012_Elkhorn Creek.pdf