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About The Maps

The maps provided on this site are 300dpi 8-1/2x11 portrait PDFs. Individual maps vary between 1 and 3 MB in size. Each map is zoomed into the HUC12 (Level 7 or 7th Field Hydrologic Unit). The scale may vary, depending on the size of the HUC12. Some HUC12s have been subdivided into smaller units to retain a similar level of detail. This usually applies to HUCs fronting marine waters as they sometimes may be much longer in one dimension.

Select Your WRIA Below

Clicking the WRIA label will take you to the map portal specific to that WRIA and you will be presented with another clickable map in which each HUC12 (or equivalent) is labeled.

Clicking on the HUC12 of interest will take you to a list of seven maps, each representing IP scores generated using the seven models used in this round of habitat IP modeling. More detailed information and links will be provided at the HUC12 webpage.

All maps have been updated to reflect a cleaner, newer style using base map aerial photography.