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Steelhead IP Model Revisions

Steelhead Salmon life cycle discussion is provided here.

The Excel table with curves is provided here.

The NetMap text file is provided here.

Model Parameters

Channel Gradient

After Burnett, 2003, Table 1

Floodplain Width / Channel Width (Channel Complexity)

Consensus was to use winter Coho curve. The Coho winter curve is the reverse of the curve that is provided in the NetMap default curve: Modified from Burnett, K. M., G. H. Reeves, et al. (2007). "Distribution of salmon-habitat potential relative to landscape characteristics and implications for conservation." Ecological Applications 17(1): 66-80. Read the document here.

Channel Width

Preference for small streams, side channels a frequent feature in life cycle accounts. Affinity with Coho was a common theme at the workshop making the use of the Channel Width curve for Coho a viable choice. Cutoff of 0.5 meter channel width was frequently mentioned in both Coho and Steelhead discussions. Change at 2 meters after Porter, 2008 cited in Scheer, 2009 p. 11 which implies an improvement in habitat quality at 1.75 m channel width and above.

Mean Annual Flow

There was wide agreement that this parameter was not useful in determining habitat quality for Coho. Preference was to derive seasonal flow levels over the stream network to determine low-flow criteria for each reach and establishing a lo-flow cutoff value for the fish bearing network.