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Chinook Spawning Only IP Model Revisions

The focus of this IP Model is on the spawning portion of the Chinook life cycle, due to the number and variety of runs in the OWC region.

Chinook Salmon life cycle discussion is provided here.

The Excel table with curves is provided here.

The NetMap text file is provided here.

Model Parameters

Channel Gradient

The general consensus was that no spawning took place above 0.08 gradient. Consensus curve after discussion captured in this photo. Zero were retained for high gradient as this model is spawning only.

Floodplain Width / Channel Width (Channel Complexity)

The default curve for Channel Complexity was determined to be correct. This curve is from an unpublished BLM model, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Department of Interior (2008). Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Revision of the Resource Management Plans of the Western Oregon Bureau of Land Management, Vol. 3, Appendix J. Oregon and Washington State Office. Portland, OR. Volume III,. - see Figure J-31, page 373 (http://www.blm.gov/or/plans/wopr/final_eis/index.php)

Channel Width

The workshop reviewers rejected Mean Annual Flow as a useful parameter, instead suggesting that Channel Width be substituted. Values for the curve after Busch, Scheer, et al 2011, Params Mar 1 11c.txt. Value 0.6 @ 10 inserted as interpolation

Mean Annual Flow

There was wide agreement that this parameter was not useful in determining habitat quality for Chinook. Preference was to derive seasonal flow levels over the stream network to determine low-flow criteria for each reach and establishing a low-flow cutoff value for the fish bearing network (see Chinook life cycle discussion here).